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Swedish designer Peter Andersson "20ltd" Set Piece easy "design chair" products: clothing, accessories and Home Furnishing class product design. April 2, 2007 in the UK 20ltd is a new and unique online store. It's different because at any moment only 20 different in the sales of goods, these goods are limited edition, the number from 3 pieces to 40 pieces. And all the goods are exclusive to 20ltd manufacturing, can buy at any other place. Everyone has their own ideas Brand or designer should be invited to participate through product development editor 20ltd, thereby ensuring the product originality, reliability, no special. Whether in London, Geneva, Barcelona, Milan, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Berlin, Copenhagen, New York or even the Alabama, 20ltd staff will go to the understanding of those designers and craftsmen personally, understanding and appreciation of their stories and particularity of each product. At the end of last year, Crawford for design innovation activities to celebrate the 2008 Beijing Olympic Festival of The Collective: Synergy in Fashion and 20ltd exclusive cooperation, 6 pieces of the one and only designer clothing exclusive, all full income donated to UNICEF "Tong Mengyuan" are set up for the Sichuan earthquake in the affected children in special charity fund. Besides the six designers in each Olympic Games project for design inspiration, 3.1 Phillip Lim also sent autumn / winter 2009 fashion conference tickets, while Burberry Prorsum's creative director Christopher Bailey added a limited edition Signature Tote, and its nautical inspired dress together auction. Other precious collections include Costume National Ennio Capasa out of the signature books and pictures, and Rick Owens's signature book. 20ltd provides 5 language versions, English, Italian, Russian, Japanese and chinese. 2 Net-a-porter European fashion vane Net-a-porter product type: a collection of many top brands in Europe comprehensive fashion website, to women's clothing, shoes, handbags, underwear, accessories based. Most women around the world who respected Net-a-porter online shopping site, often by the British designer High Fashion tips and guests to patronize, Landing page looks like a fashion magazine paid to make "large", how much this was once a major suit is the impact of international magazine fashion editor creator Natalie Massenet. Shopping page inside the product classification according to the brand or category search, goods picture photography is absolutely all site inside the best, let a person see there is the impulse to spend. 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